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Blog Post #15 Final Reflection Video

Project #16

My group, The Accomplishers created an Ibook for our final collaborative group project. Kayla Johnson and Tina Behel were my group members. The content in the iBook that we developed consists of each member of the group’s individual projects including their book trailer, technology tools video, and my sentence video. Also, each member had to either gather ten pictures of a vacation, their family, the campus of USA, or Mobile. The process of creating the iBook was sort of difficult; however, we still managed to complete the project and it looks very good. This was my first time creating an iBook. From my experience, developing an iBook is very fun and exciting. Check out our iBook on the EDM 310 Class Blog.

Project #13

Google Docs
My group’s Smart board presentation was based on an objective that we found in the Mobile Pacing Guide. My group, which was named The Accomplishers, found several vital tools in Google documents that we decided that was useful for our presentation. The group communicated through document expressing our thoughts and ideas that each member had for the presentation. Also, the group communicated through text messages and emails. Finally, we came up with a great idea that we were going to use letter recognition with concentration on lower and upper case letters and how we could keep the students interested by using the Smart board.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Summary of C4T#4

Moving From Newsletters to Blogs – My Presentation-That-Never-Was at #EC0012 was an excellent slideshow posted by Erin Paynter. The points that he stressed throughout his slideshow are really important for teachers that use and the ones that are still undecided whether they want to use Blogger.  The whole idea of this slideshow is to demonstrate how blogging can increase parent and student engagement. After viewing this informative slideshow, I informed Mr. Paynter through a comment stating that he presented good information and that I believe that using blogger can stop numerous situations where parents are confused about grades, assignments, and what their child will be learning daily. Also, I informed him of my experience using Blogger in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama.

The next post that I viewed from Erin Paynter blog was a very interesting post titled, “ Responsive Leadership”. This post was about some of the main ideas that Erin Paynter thought were extremely important that she heard from Sir John Jones speech. She explained that responsive leadership was the one idea that stuck with her from his speech.  She expressed how she was a leader at her school.  Ms. Paynter informed me on how she responds to her staff so that they are the best that that can be. These two things were motivation and capacity.  She informed me on four ways that leaders could support their staff.

The four ways were:

Highly motivated with a high level of capacity results in a leader that create conditions to pursue professional growth, creativity, etc.

Highly motivated with low level of capacity results in a leader that takes on the role of a coach.

Low level of motivation with a high level of capacity results in a leader that needs to inspire his staff.

Low level of motivation with a low level of capacity results in a leader that needs to be more direct in their expectations.

I told Ms. Paynter in a comment that I’m going to share this blog post with a few important leaders that I know and how I’m going to use this post in my future of coaching.

Final Report on PLN

My Personal Learning Network has been constantly growing since the beginning of this semester. I created a Symboloo for my personal learning network and throughout the semester I have found countless ways that this application is going to make my college career more organized.  Symbaloo has made surfing on the Internet easier because of its ability to put websites of your choice into categories. Also, I have met numerous people on Twitter and Facebook. Before taking EDM310, I knew how Twitter worked but didn’t start an account until we had to in this class. However, I’m glad that I finally started using it because it is a great way to get information from professional sources and other people.

C4K Summary November and December

The first student’s blog that I viewed in the month of November was a girl named Mackenzie from Mr. Boylens Language Arts class. Mackenzie surprised me with a very interested story which she expressed excellent details to describe the situations throughout the story. Her writing style amazed me for someone that is a fifth grader. I explain to Mackenzie that she has great writing skills and that she has potential to be anything that she wants to be. Also, I informed her of the success that I have had in writing during the Alabama Writing Assessment when I was in fifth grade.

 The next student’s blog that I viewed in November was ninth grader named Justin. Justin uses blogger in his World History Class. Justin enlightened me with a post concerning Veterans Day. In his post, he informed his readers about numerous statistics and important dates that took place during WWI and WWII. I expressed to Justin how I loved History class and that if I were not so into sports that I would definitely be going to college to obtain a History major. At the end of his post, he stresses that his Uncle Tom served our county in the Vietnam War and how his uncle is still suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Therefore, I told Justin, that I am thankful for his Uncle fighting for our country. Also, I informed him that I have several family members that fought in the Gulf War and the war in Iraq.

 The last student’s blog that I viewed in November was Selena Hadley from Baldwin County High School. Selena’s video showed me how Baldwin County schools are using technology through video applications. I informed Selena that I went to school in Baldwin County at Foley High School in 2009 and that I was really impressed how quick the school system has made the changes. Also, I informed her that I am taking EDM310 at the University of South Alabama where we learn how to use advance technology throughout our projects and assignments.

 For the month of December, I viewed a student named Bethany from blog post. Bethany had a magnificent blog post about the Industrial Revolution. She gave me examples of some important things that were created during this time period. Bethany stressed throughout her work that times were hard for everyone during that time period and that people lived in harsh conditions. She informed me that the Industrial Revolution changed the way Americans worked, lived their daily lives, and that the revolution also made it possible for mass production. While reading this post, I thought of some of the things that I knew were created during the Industrial Revolution and I informed Bethany in my comment that Thomas Edison created the light bulb during the this same time period.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Final Project Progress Report

For my final project I will be doing an iBook with my group and one by myself. My group members are Tina Bethel and Kayla Johnson, which they are both a thrill to work with. My individual iBook is coming along pretty great; I have already started getting pictures, videos, and planning to develop an excellent individual iBook. Also, the group project is going well. We have already completed the smart board presentation two the week before Thanksgiving; however, we have several more dates assigned to make an excellent iBook.

Blog Post#13

Back To the Future
Mr. Crosby's Class
This was a video of Mr. Crosby and how he teaches his fourth graders at Agnes Risley Elementary School which is in Sparks, Nevada. At the beginning, Mr. Crosby stresses that ninety percent of the students in his class are second language learners, most on free or reduced lunch packages, and that most are from families that are facing poverty. He also informed me of a survey that he had his students take on the second day of school that had just a few simple questions. The outcome of the survey was that nine students knew what city they live in, twelve students knew what state they live in, three students knew what country they live in, seven knew their address, and four knew their home phone number. I was completely shocked finding out that most of these nine years olds don’t know the correct answer to such important questions. I know four year olds that could answer all of the questions right and give you surprising information that would leave your jaw dropped by the information they know. Mr. Crosby informs me that these students suffer from having a narrowed curriculum because they have not had the experience to build the schema of the world; therefore, he enlightens the students by using technology and being creative.

 In his class, his students use digital cameras, videos, experiments, and blogs to expand the kids learning experiences. Throughout the school year, his students perform experiments that are recorded on digital cameras and they have to write what happen in the video. Also he informed me that he teaches his students how to put together a Wikipedia webpage, paste pictures on blogs. I think that Mr. Crosby’s ways of teaching benefits his students in expanding their knowledge of the second language by writing and using Skype. He makes learning interactive for students that usually would not even try because they feel like they are in a different world due to their lack of knowledge. Mr. Crosby and his students also created a project that involved recording a balloon traveling through the atmosphere and as the balloon traveled the students could actually see it happening live. He then had his students write as if they were the balloon traveling through the atmosphere. The main aspect that I learned from viewing this video was that you have to go the next step, no matter what it may be, to help our students learn effectively. This has to be a fun experience for his students that are learning through interactive assignments and connecting to other students around the world.

 A Vision of Students Today
A Vision of Today's Students
This was a video created by Michael Wesch. The video contained information from students at Kansas State University and took place in what looked to be a college auditorium. Throughout the video, there were statements written on the walls, chairs, and board in the room. Also, there were students in the video that displayed facts about themselves and questions by writing on paper to express their concerns of school. The question in the video, “What are you learning sitting here?”, I thought was a excellent questions because students are in this large classroom being taught by one teacher. I feel like teachers that are instructing these classes are not being able give adequate assistance to every student.

 Another statement that caught my eye was “My neighbor never comes to class but paid for class”. I think that this statement can be really controversial. I know numerous students that pay for classes and only attend them when there are things due because they usually have other important things to do like going to work. I think this could be avoided if all universities uploaded lectures online for students that can not make it to class; on the other hand, teachers normally look at a student that are constantly absent as a disadvantage for them because they missed out on hearing the important information from the instructor. Overall, this video made me think of different ways that technology can benefit students and teachers in the classroom.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post 12

Active Kids

1.       Read "Fun Fall Activities to Stay Moving".
While you’re reading this blog post think about ways that you can get your kids out and be active. Identify and summarize five unique ways that you could use with your students.. Also, include a summary of the examples and your reactions to what the Spark blog stated. This is an excellent post on how to prevent childhood obesity, therefore; be creative with way and remember you want your students to enjoy exercising so think critical come up with some good examples.  

This was a very interesting post that gave me many ideas of how to get my students active in their free time.  The first example in the post informed me how I could take my students out for a nature walk or just let them be out doors to play around. I think that this is a very good idea; however, to make a nature walk a little more adventurous I would incorporate a game that involves them to identify the different types of trees or nature. The next example stated was to get outdoors and rake some leaves. This section informed me that there are numerous ways that you can work your upper body. When I heard this statement my thoughts ran crazy, if my administrator would allow it I would have a rock climbing wall and a rope in my room. The next section was about going out and having fun by throwing football or holding a football. Also, the post stated that you can pretend that you are a football player running bleachers. This was a great example of cardio that I could have my students do but the age of the class I would have to incorporate a different plan. For younger students, I would have them play freeze tag. The student that gets tag would have to inform the others on the major body parts of the human body. The blog I thought was very creative; it insisted that instead of going out to the supermarket that you could work your abs, gluts, and quads by going to a farm to pick pumpkins. For this example, I would have to have a shuttle run for my students or set up stations that consisted of my students using their major muscles to accomplish. The last section informed me ways that I can have my kids stretch and relax their minds. I believe that stretching is really important; therefore, I would have my students stretch at the beginning of class and after they perform all physical activity for that day. I would apply concentration and motivation music to relax my students while they are in class. This was a great post for anyone to read that wants to live a healthy life and fight heart disease.

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Blog Post# 11

Little Kids Big Potential
Little kids Big Potential
In this video, Ms. Cassidy’s first grade students demonstrate ways on how she uses technology in her lesson throughout her classroom. The first topic that is pointed out in the video is blogging. Ms. Cassidy’s students explained how they write blogs and get comments from other people. From my experience, I believe that blogging can make learning more engaging and that students will tend to spend more time on an activity because they are enjoying it. Also, I think that blogging is a great tool for any teacher to use because students can help out other students by commenting on another students work. Overall, I believe that blogging helps with reading and writing skills. The only problem would be that it would take time for students and teachers to gain the knowledge needed to make blogging successful; therefore, I would develop videos demonstrating how to use blogging. Another topic was that she developed a webpage for her students that has everything the students do in class; therefore, the students can access their work outside of class. This would be a great tool for all teachers, students, and parents. The teacher has everything organized for the students on a webpage that benefits the students by making it as easy as a click of a mouse to access lessons. Parents can always keep up with their child’s work and know what they are learning in class daily. If there is a problem with the webpage a whole day’s lesson plan could be altered if the teacher relies on this technology daily in her classroom. The focus of the students will also be lost due to the technical difficulties. The solution for this situation would be to always have a back up plan. Also, her students can see what other students are doing in other classes around the country. Wiki was the next topic that the kids talked about in this video. The kids stated that they used Wiki to find out what a term means and created a Wiki about the alphabets. The University of South Alabama students also created a Wiki using alphabets and shared them with Ms. Cassidy’s class. Next the students explained how they created videos individually and in groups. I think that group activities are really important because it allows students to be creative and work with other students to distinguish between their ideas. Interactive group learning activities can lead to some students doing all the work and others not doing as much. The solution that I would use for this is have my students evaluate each other daily outside of class and email them to me so it will be confidential. The students also stated that they used Skype to communicate to other people and to their reading buddies in other schools. Her students also informed me on how they played an interactive game called Nintendogs, which they accessed on Nintendo DS’s. Nintendogs is a pet stimulation video game.

Summary of C4T#3

"Making "the Cafe" Make Sense for Primary Students".
Making “the Café” Make Sense for Primary Students was a post about how Kathy Cassidy came upon two books titled,” The Daily Five and the The Café Book”, by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. Cassidy pointed out that these books assisted her in organizing a primary classroom to have an individualized reading program. However, she encountered a few problems with the terminology that the book insisted needed to be on the bulletin board. The students were supposed to write out the reading strategies as each one is taught. The acronym C-A-F-E stands for the main categories that were comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expand vocabulary. The students were having a hard time understanding each; therefore, Ms. Cassidy changed the terminology to words that suited her students understanding abilities. She changed the acronym to R-E-A-D, which stood for right words, explain what you read, able to read smoothly, and discover new words. I told her how that I thought the change was really needed to insure that her students understood the concepts in order to have a successful reading program.

 "Is There an App for That? Word Work Edition".
The next post that I viewed from Ms. Cassidy’s blog was titled, “Is There an App for that? Word Work Edition. This was a very interesting post about applications that can help students to spell words that are frequently used. The applications that Ms. Cassidy informed me on throughout this post were DrawFree, Magic Ink, Skywrite, and Word Wizard. Ms. Cassidy explained that DrawFree is a drawing application not a spelling application that is free; however, with this application she informed me that the application is more engaging because students get to choose to write with a paint brush, pencil, or a crayon, She states that Magic Ink was a good application because the quicker students move their fingers the thicker the lines appear on the application. The cost of Magic Ink is $0.99.Also, Ms. Cassidy states that Skywrite is a free application that students will be keep students engaged. She states that with this application students write words in the sky and a tiny airplane follows their finger then turns the letters into cloud letters. However, students can also type text into a textbox and the airplane will create cloud letters for them. Last she informed me on the application Word Wizard that cost $2.99. Ms. Cassidy says that this application reads the letters as they are dragged onto the board and as more letters are added it speaks back the combined sound until there is a complete word. Word Wizard was my favorite because I think it beneficial for students because the application speaks the words correctly back to the student as they spell the word out. Word Wizard can also help students that are having trouble saying words

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C4K Summary for October

Reilly - Flying on Wheels
The first kid’s blog post of October that I viewed was a fourth grader named Reilly. In this post, Reilly entertains his guest with a very suspenseful story, "Flying on Wheels. Throughout the post, you can tell that Reilly is going to be an awesome writer because he already fills his reader’s great details. The way this kid told the story, gave me several illustrations while reading and the use of descriptive words made scenes perfect in my mind.

Carolyn - Media Manipulation
The second blog post that I checked out was a OSG’s Global Issues blog titled "Media Manipulation" posted by a girl named Carolyn. This was a very creative post that changed the way I will ever look at news in the future. From reading this post, I have learned that there are many news topics that the public does not get informed about because media feels that there are not important. Also, Carolyn shared many statistics that she cited that came from really reliable sources.

Hannah - You Cant Expect It
Another blog post that I was assigned to was a fifth grade student named Hannah. While looking through her blog, I found that her most recent post was titled “You cant expect it…”. This was a very good poem that demonstrated a very creative thinking and writing style, especially for a student at the fifth grade level. After reading the poem, I could sense that Hannah puts a lot of hard work and dedication in the poem. If you read this poem you will be very shocked like I was when you find out the ending.

Marshall - Draco Lizards
The last blog post that I was assigned to was a student in Miss Mac’s class named Marshall. When I first looked at his blog, I noticed that Marshall and I have one thing in common. I found out that this kid loves reptiles. Marshall’s interesting post was about Draco lizards and he informed me on a unique trait that makes this lizard different from others. He taught me that Draco lizards are different because they have the ability to glide through the air. I know some of you reading this are thinking to yourselves, “ a flying lizard sounds like a horrifying miniature dragon”. Also, I informed Marshall that I recently loss my pet which was a Chinese water dragon that I had for six years and I told him that lizards are great pets that are easy to take care of.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Blog Post

A World Where Grades Will be Left Behind
Sebastian Thrun
This was an article from the USA TODAY created by Mary Beth Marklein, a writer for USA TODAY. It was USA Today’s thirtieth anniversary, when she interviewed some of the best United States visionaries to talk about the world in the future. She interviews Sebastian Thrun in Palo Alto, California, a Google vice president and a University of Standford research professor. She stresses that he is known for his role in developing Google’s drive less car. Thrun started off by saying that within a mile of the University of Stanford there is an office building across the street of an Olive garden restaurant. He states, this is no ordinary office building; however, it is the development of an upcoming contender.

Thrun, explains that at this school learning will be free and available to anyone who wants it. Also, he states the lessons will look like the popular game Angry Birds. Thrun follows up by saying; you want learning to be as much fun as it is to play a video game. Next, Thrun told USA TODAY that one-day he was in a studio at his education company that he found called Udacity. This is a free online intelligence course that caught the attention of over 160,000 students. Also, it led Thrun to discontinue teaching in a traditional way of instructing classrooms at Stanford. Thrun talked about his famous saying that he told an audience in a conference in Munich, he said, "you can take the red pill and go back to your classroom and lecture your twenty students but I have taken the red pill and seen Wonderland".

He continues stating the unique way of teaching at Udacity. He says that there is a windowless room where the producers of the program make creative special effects and video cameras capture close shots of the instructor’s hand as they write material on a white board. Thrun explains that in the next room there is also staff creating games for the lessons. Next, he informed on how technology is taking over education. There were several statements that he said that were shocking. One was that Charter schools in Chicago and New York City has created a school built around playing games. I think that if teaching was done through gaming that students would be seriously engaged in games and learn the information at the same time. I know several of younger children that you will be shocked to see how good they play these high definition sports games on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Most of the kids learn the basic concept of the sport and learn the rules. I think the game play leads to the determination some of these eye-catching youth league sport players around the world.

He states that classes in 30 years will have increasingly challenging exercises, quizzes based on skill and concept, class sizes will vary, grades will be determined on mastering the concept, and instruction will be free. However, he says services might have a fee like certifications and exams. I believe that his statements about education thirty years are possible. I think we all enjoyed reading the part about education will be free. Also, I think this would have an affect on the number of people that will further their education after high school. I have numerous friends that exceeded in high school but didn’t attend college because they did not want to risk taking out student loans. I see a positive resolution from the points that he stated, of course their would be more educated Americans if we made learning interactive and fun.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Project #11

Project #14

Blog Post #10

"Adventures in Pencil Integration".

Adventures in Pencil Integration
This was a cartoon posted by John Spencer. It was a very difficult task at first for me to determine what the cartoon was actually illustrating. However, after sitting down and letting my mind expand a little, I realized that I was thinking way too hard. The text says it all, the character that is stating that he is a “papermate” is saying that cheaper things work well to an extent but give you more problems. On the other hand, the other character is stating that some people are afraid to spend more on new technology because they still believe that traditional ways of doing things. The way the men are dressed also helped me determine the message the cartoon by giving me a sense of personality of the character.
Why Were Your Kids Playing Games.
teaching games
This was another post by John Spencer. From the title, this seems as if it’s a meeting between a teacher and a administrator. The teacher gets in trouble for playing games with his students. Apparently, it seems that the teacher has been in trouble before for playing games in the classroom. The teacher insists that he did have his students playing games, but he had them read scenarios and express what they thought was occurring. So, it was an interactive activity that his students loved and were really engaged with. The principal states that these types of learning activities are not permitted and gives the teacher examples of work he could have the students do. The administrator stated to the teacher that “if you want to abandon slate-based learning, at least try the Jonestown Intervention worksheets or maybe fill out the packet of algorithms”. The teacher’s solution was that he would create an algorithm factory and integrate it into the classes reading and writing projects. I think that this whole meeting was unnecessary the administration needs to be aware that the teacher is making learning easier for the students by applying the lesson through games. The teacher is not letting the administration change his way of teaching; however, instead he becomes creative and finds a way to apply the examples that the administrator insists into interactive activities. I read another post, Meet Ed Helper. This post was about Tom and his new teacher aid that an administrator appointed to his class. Within the first two hours of class Tom finds out that Ed Helper’s way of teaching is completely different than his. Ed Helper passes out numerous worksheets to the students instead of teaching, which Tom disagrees with because he stresses that worksheets don’t help students learn. I agree with Tom definitely, I think that worksheets do not allow students to fully comprehend the material because they usually consist of students looking up the information in a book. Therefore, the students are not learning they are just looking up the answers, which they will probably not remember. The students tend to not like Ed Helper because he doesn’t know the students personally like Tom does; however, Tom becomes aware because his students are not learning the way they used too before due to Ed Helper’s traditional way of teaching.
Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff Please.
21st century classroom
This was a very interesting post by Dr. McLeod. Dr. McLeod is an Associate Professor from Armes, Iowa that enjoys blogging, generating ideas, and finding solutions. I certainly agree with this post because using technology can make learning easier, more interactive, and consist of creative lessons that from my personal experience makes school worth getting up for as a young child that has so much more going on in their mind other than school. Technology not only benefits students; however, it also benefits parents and teachers as well. For example, with educational technology parents can see what their child is doing in class and can see their progress in class at anytime. Technology can help benefit teacher’s lessons with better organization and videos that can put the lesson into a visual that makes the information more interesting to the students.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog Post# 9

What I've Learned This Year Volume 4 by Mr. Joe McClung.
Mr. Joe McClung
In this reflective post of Mr. McClung ‘s fourth year of teaching he tells his audience that he is going to write about two themes that are “You Gotta Dance With Who You Brought to the Dance” and “Challenge Yourself”. In his section, “You Gotta Dance With Who You Brought to the Dance, he states that this year he has struggled a lot with trying to define himself as a teacher. He has allowed himself to become concerned with how his peers see him as an educator. He tends to let this affect his mood throughout most of the year; however, I think this is a bad mistake to make because not only is he in a bad mood it also will affect his ability to teach his students in the classroom. I believe that personal problems can stress teachers out and lead them to act differently towards students in certain situations. Also, Mr. McClung states that he has came to an conclusion that he cannot change himself as a teacher based on the opinion of his peers and he believes that he needs to stick to his rule that has got him his title as a teacher. He informs us that the rule is making sure his kids are having fun. I agree with his rule, because I believe if the kids are learning and having fun at the same time that they will be anxiously looking forward for the next day of class. Mr. Clung states that by worrying about his perception of how adults see him has got him nowhere in life; therefore, he stresses that taking care of his students and enjoying class has been wonderful. From this section, I have learned to never evaluate myself as a teacher based on the perception of adults; however, teachers should evaluate themselves on the grades and accomplishments of their students.

In “Challenge Yourself”, Mr. McClung states that it is his third year of teaching the same subject, which is Social Studies and Arkansas History at the same school. He informs his readers that over the past years he has also taught other courses but Social Studies and Arkansas History were the backbone of what he taught. He realizes that his ways of teaching are becoming to be a routine and that he is starting to lack in creativity. After realizing his problem, Mr. McClung is surprised when he gets an opportunity to teach pre-AP Civics and American Government at a different grade level. Mr. McClung is aware that it will require hard work and dedication to learn the material and develop lesson plans for the classes but he thinks it is well worth the change. He states that this year he has learned a valuable lesson in what can be the outcome of not changing your lesson plans. I believe that kids will become bored of the information if we use the same lesson plans annually because technology is advancing and better ways of teaching are changing constantly. From personal experience, when I was in grade school it seemed as if we did the same thing in every class just with different subjects, which led to me daydreaming into space because I was dying of being boredom. From this second part, I have learned that teachers also need to be creative and change up their lesson plans so that students can continue to enjoy lessons.
What I've Learned This Year (2010-11) by Mr. Joe McClung.
Things I've Learned title=
In this reflective post it is Mr. McClung’s third year teaching and his second year being at the same school. Mr. McClung was now more than a teacher; however, it is his first experience as a head coach, coaching cross-country, and being a computer applications teacher. In the first section titled “ Know Who Your Boss Is”, he informs his readers that our decision making process should always be student centered and not centered on pleasing other adults. I agreed with this statement because teachers are human beings just like everyone else and they can have personal situations that could easily alter their performance in the classroom. The kids are the reason we get up everyday to go to work; therefore, I think we should have our attention on our students 110 percent. The next section was “Don’t Expect Others to be as You Are”, where he is stating to his readers that there are always going to be people that are against new ideas and don’t give them a chance to work. Then, he states that you have to embody the aspects of teaching that you enjoy and not allow others to influence or steer you away from that. I think what he is saying is that teachers need to stick to their way of teaching no matter what other people thinks about it. In the “Don’t Be Afraid to be an Outsider” section, McClung demonstrates to his readers how he was not afraid to be an outsider at school because his focus is on his students more than someone that seeks approval from other teachers in the building. He gives the reader examples of how he is an outsider, he says that he plays his music too loud, he eats lunch with his students, and he enjoys interacting with his students through blogging and social media.

In the “Don’t Touch The Keyboard” section, Mr. McClung enlightened me with some advice that was passed to him from one of his co-workers at school about how she was formally an airline tech support trainer. While she was working there she told McClung that the main points the company instilled in their employees was to never touch the keyboard when training an employee. This was some very useful advice to me because I feel that the only way our students are going to learn a task is if they have to practice. The main point of this section is to inform teachers to not always take over and do the work for the students; however, we should make the students think critically to figure out the task in order for them to fully accomplish the skills of the tasks.

In the last section “Don’t Get Comfortable”, he stresses that the biggest fear of any teacher is becoming comfortable. He informs the reader that he is going into his fourth year as being a teacher and that he is realizing that his work is becoming a routine. I think this is true because everyone has something that they are really good at which usually leads them to not look into trying to improve. He shares ways with us that stopped him from feeling like his career as being a teacher was beginning to be a routine by joining committees that he would have never volunteered for and going to professional development sessions. This section he is informing us that teaching shouldn’t be done in traditional ways and that teachers should be advocates for the changes that we need in schools.

Project# 10 Personal Learning Network Progress Report

I created a Symbaloo for my personal learning network. This is a very necessary tool to use because it can organize every website that you use by allowing you to place them into categories. Symbaloo makes searching for information on the web an ease by its ability to lay out all of the websites that you choose making it easier to access them. I have created a tile for all the websites that are associated with my classes at the University of South Alabama. This tool has made my college experience better at the moment and I have shared this tool with numerous of people that were not aware of what this tool is capable of doing.

Project# 12

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blog Post#8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2.
Richard E. Miller
This was a video with two parts by Richard Miller an English teacher at Rutgers University. In these videos he stresses how multimedia is taking over writing and that it will soon be used as much as word processing applications. In the first part, Miller states that he believes we are living in the moment of the greatest change of human communication in human history. I think he is correct with that statement because the biggest form of communication in the past used to consist of newspapers; however, now people look out to many other sources like sources from the Internet and videos. Teaching also is being changed, he informed viewers about iTunes U that is a website where you can search numerous academic lectures. In modern time, people would rather search for information using the Internet rather than going to the library. This occurs because sometimes the library may be out of the source that you need; however, the Internet has infinite information available that can be used by anyone at anytime. The Internet can get you the information within a click of the mouse and now you don’t have to leave your home to access information. The use of multimedia can contain text, audio, and video. I think this is a great teaching tool because as teachers we can now present the information more organized to our students and make them more interactive through digital material. I think multimedia basically makes information easier to understand through charts, videos, and maps. I believe that I’m ready to write with the media because throughout my school life I have been taught many new ways to perform writing and it seems like every semester our teachers have been forcing us to become updated with these changes. I think that students will enjoy multimedia because it will make learning more interesting and interactive; therefore, I don’t think there will be a problem with students being able to accomplish this way of learning.
Blog Post#12.
Carly Pugh Blog post #12
This was an excellent post by Carly Pugh. Throughout the post, Carly creates a playlist of YouTube clips and uses them in her blog post. The reason of creating a playlist is that it allows teachers to demonstrate their way of teaching through videos. Videos usually have visuals that help getting the points across. If Carly did not present videos in her post, her ideas would not have probably have been explained to get her points across. Dr. Miller described how multimedia was taking over writing and how it will eventually be used more than word processing applications. Carly’s blog post is a perfect example of what Dr. Miller was stating.
The Chipper Series.
This was a video created by EDM310 students at the University of South Alabama. In the video The Chipper Series, a student named Chipper is a student in EDM310 that thinks that she shouldn’t have a deadline to complete her work and that she should be taught instead of having to learn things on her own. Therefore, she ends up dropping out of school, which leads to numerous other problems. Finally, Chipper decides that going back to solve is what she really wants to do and is looking to get on the correct path to achieve success.
EDM310 for Dummies.
EDM for Dummies
In the video EDM310 for Dummies, two students are stressing over the work in EDM310; however, they resolve their problems by using EDM310 for Dummies. EDM310 for Dummies has information on how to use the applications used in the course, how to add movies to blogger, and other helpful tools to get you through this class. I think I would like to create a video that teaches students how important time management is throughout your college career. Most new college students that I speak to all tell me that they do not have enough time to finish all of their work. Throughout my video, I could give them guidelines or planners that can assist in students using their time valuable.
Learn to Change, Change to Learn.
Learn to change, change to learn
This was a great video that gave information about how we need to change our school system in order to better the learning of our students. The most shocking fact in this video was when it was stated that according to the U.S Commerce that education was ranked lowest in IT intensiveness and that it was even lower than coal mining. I agree that kids learn through social networking; however, these networks are banned from schools. I think that social networks would make learning more interesting and more organized for the student. Social networks also spark up a quality discussion because students can learn from another students point of view which I think can be better for some students to understand the information better because it is in students terminology. Also, I agree that students learn other places than just at schools. There are many places that students can find learning easier or more fun; for example, online sources, videos, lectures from other teachers, and exhibits. I agree that in modern time, employers are not looking for individuals with bright answers; however, they are looking for people that know how to comprehend the context, working in teams, multidisplinary, and validating information. Overall, this was a very amazing video on how education is changing with technology.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T#2 Summary

The first comment that I left for John T. Spencer was on his video, Technology Will Not Fix Education. This was a magnificent short video that gave examples of technology that most people think can fix education. In the video, John T. Spencer gives useful tools dealing with why technology cannot fix education; however, I thought that these tools were helpful but I also believe that it comes down to the way the teacher interacts with the students in the classroom. The student’s work ethic and parenting is also important in most students becoming more successful than others. The second comment that I left was on his post Should Schools Be More Boring. In this post John T. Spencer informs the reader that when he is faced with boredom that his creativity is at its best. This post left me thinking that Mr. Spencer and I have this one thing in common and that some of our students that are suffering in school could also be more creative by being in a boring place as well.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Podcast Project #8

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student
The Networked Student
This video created by Wendy Drexler was quite interesting. The video was about a twenty first century student that involved the changes in the way of learning through students building their own learning network. I believe that by students having to accomplish that task put too much stress on the student and can be overwhelming due to the amount of time it would take up. Blogging was another topic pointed out in this video. I think that blogging is a great way to start a good discussion and that it can lead to students writing better, learning effectively, and increase creativity. The most important aspect of blogging to me is that students can comment on each others work that will further the knowledge of both of the students. However, not only students’ help out with the learning of others, also experts, can comment on a student’s blog. I think this is very crucial because having an expert other than the instructor informing students can help support the teacher. This video stated that the twenty first century student would be learning through audio recordings from professors of Universities. I do not think that younger students will be able to comprehend the way that some college professor’s teach. I was shocked to hear that the twentieth century student will never hear lectures from their own teachers. I believe that this will be awful for the students because lectures usually point out the main topics that need to be learned. Overall, I believe that these ways of learning will help students’ differentiate between good and fake information. I think these ways of learning for the twentieth century student will help students in the future.
A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment
7th Grader's PLE
A seventh grade student and Wendy Drexler created this video. This was a very organized tour of the seventh graders personal learning environment; however, the student made me aware of an application called Symbaloo. Symbaloo is an application that I think that every college student should use it because it organizes everything that the student needs to use on to one page. The student’s page had everything from her music to applications that she uses to help her complete her work. I agree with this technology, because it can assist students with taking notes, make them more responsible, and gives them the ability to learn through interactive activities. I could recognize that the student is enjoying the way that she is learning through her tone throughout the video. The students PLE resembled my PLN because the student visits her class blog daily to see if anything is due or if something has been altered. Also, the student is using some of the same applications that we use in EDM310; for example, You Tube, Blogger, and Delicious. The student’s PLE and my PLN both resemble hard work and dedication through the work presented on our interactive applications.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Summary for September

The first student’s blog that I viewed was a fifth grader named Piku. I really enjoyed his blog post especially when Piku described his trip to London; however, I felt a little jealous because I would love to visit London. London is a place with great historical sites that I have always wanted to see. Piku went to the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. The second student’s blog post that I viewed was named Henry. I think Henry is a very intelligent student, he wrote a story that shocked me because it was so well organized. Also, his story was so well written that I could visualize the scenes in my head through his use of great details throughout the writing. Both of these students are working hard and I can sense that they are shooting to be the best.

Project# 9 Civil War Timeline

Blog Post# 6

Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch Last Lecture
This was an excellent inspirational and funny speech given by Randy Pausch. In this video Randy Pausch, which is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University teaching virtual technology, gives a speech on his childhood dreams, enabling the dreams of others, and lessons that he has learned throughout his life. At the beginning of the speech, Randy talks about how he is suffering from cancer and how he is not going to let it interfere with him living the rest of life happy. He tells us that he is not worried about the disease and describes that he is in perfect shape by doing push ups. Throughout the video, he gives examples of situations that he has had to deal with and how he thinks should be the way to approach them.
The first part of his speech, he stresses that if you are screwing up and no one is bothering to tell you that you are really in bad shape. This was a great statement; I believe that all students need to know when they are constantly making the same mistakes repeatedly to an extent. I agree that by an instructor not handing them over the solution that the student is forced to think critical and take responsibility in figuring out the problem themselves. He stated that experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted. This statement is one that I think should be in every classroom because it gives students the idea that just because they failed once does not mean they have to accept failure. With that statement, students will learn that the only way to make them better at anything is to experience mistakes and learn from them. Randy Pausch demonstrates in this video how most of learning is obtained indirectly; however, I think learning indirectly is the best way to get students to learn difficult or boring material because they usually are not aware that they are learning the material.
The second part of his speech was about how to enable your childhood dreams. Randy Pausch stated that as a teacher you should always tell your students that they are doing good but that you know they can do better. He says that it increases the level of work ethic and that you will see that your students are constantly getting better. This is a really good statement because if we strive to always raise that level, I believe that our students will be in a routine to always learn more each day. I learned that project based assignments are helpful because you are working with peers that can give you feedback and gets students to be more inflected. However, students will be learning and having fun at the same time which Randy Paush points out is the best way to teach children.
The last part of this great motivational speech was about the lessons that Randy Pausch has learned throughout his life. He states that the role of parents, mentors, friends, and colleagues can assist you with information and that you should always listen to what they have to tell you. The roles of parents, I think plays the biggest part in the success of children in class because parents that are concerned about their child’s school work will try their best to help them in any way possible, give them guidance, and make them aware of what is expected. Randy Pausch talks about how brick walls let us show our dedication. I agree with this statement because from personal experience sometimes it takes a longer time to get something done correctly which will lead to you working harder on the task. Overall, this video taught me numerous things to better my life and my teaching career. Thank you Randy Pausch!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

iSchool logo
The iSchool Initiative
Travis Allen, a seventeen-year-old high school student from Fayetteville, Georgia, created the iSchool Initiative video. In this video, Travis stresses ways that a mobile device called iSchool could help save money in public schools. He demonstrates how the device could save money in public schools by not using books, paper, copy machines and pencils. Travis Allen then demonstrates the apps that are available for the device that all make schools more organized and become more efficient in saving time and money. For example, Starwalk is a tour of the universe through a touch of a finger that I think could be useful in numerous science classes. Another app that caught my eye was the notes application which teachers and students can send and receive the notes with one click. He gives us a few ways how ISchool can save students up to 600 dollars; however, he also states that the iSchool can be affordable because its only 150 dollars which would save many parents money. The last point of this video was about what coming in the future for iSchool. Allen states that in the future there will be interactive tools that have access of their entire class including lunch menus, assignments, classes, agenda’s, iTeach, and grades.
ZeitgeistYoungMind's Entry
In the Travis Allen’s Zeitgeist Young Minds entry (Mobile Learning) iSchool Initiative video, Travis Allen was twenty years old attending Kennesaw University. He informs that in order to make our educational system better in the country that we need to prepare the youth for future technology.
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
This video contained an ensemble of 185 people that performed “Lux Aurumque”, composed and conducted by Eric Whitacre. The most shocking thing about this beautiful piece is that none of the singers know each other and never performed together. This unique use of technology in this video was put together on the Internet that led it to be quite astonishing. During the performance, quite a few people were looking very focused like they were taking the song serious. The background of the performance went well with the song with its space scene. Overall, I thought this was an exciting and unusual performance; however, as I got further into the performance I could realize that the singers were not all singing at the same time.
21st century teaching
Teaching in the 21st Century
While watching the video Teaching in the 21st century, I recognized that the author stresses that teachers are no longer needed to make our education system better. As a matter of fact, I think interactive sites on the Internet similar to blogging allow a student to think more critically. This video basically informed me that technology is taking over education and is a magnificent learning tool in the twenty-first century. The positions expressed in this presentation, were sort of confusing by the way the slides were set up; however, they give you adequate examples of how teaching needs to change. In Sum, If Robert’s is correct as teachers we will have to develop ourselves with the advancement of technology in order to inherit better techniques to increase the overall skills of our students.
Flipping the Classroom
Why I Flipped My Classroom,
Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ,
Flipping the Classroom - 4th Grade STEM
These Classroom three videos on flipping classrooms were very informing on how to use class time efficiently to increase students learning. I thought this sounded like a highly effective plan because students can watch the lecture at home the day before class which I think would lead to more questions the following day of class. I believe that you could use this approach in any class and become successful because this way of teaching allows you to interact with the student anytime outside of class. Therefore, I believe that students that are slower learners than others will have more time to obtain the lesson. Overall, I think these three videos can help improve any teacher that is feeling overwhelmed because their teaching plan is not being effective.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summary of C4T#1

Summary of Mr. Burrow's Class Blog.
The Art 1 portraits that I viewed on Mr. Burrow’s class blog were really amazing. While looking at the portraits I could tell that his students put in a lot of time and effort in there work. Every portrait in the post looked as if it was describing the mood of the person that was drawn, which made every picture unique in its own way. These pictures can be viewed in numerous different ways because his students are not just sketching, they are actually telling a story in every picture. The second blog post that I viewed in Mr. burrows class blog was the Drawing II composite pictures. Mr. Burrow’s students again shocked me with their talent. The first picture looks like it could have been in one of my human anatomy books. The second looks as if it’s symbolizing power or control over life. The power cords look like they were shot out of the outlet by the impact of the persons fist when it meets the opposing hand. As for the third picture, it could be thought of to be a maze that leads to the center of the hand; however, I think the message the picture is describing is that anyone can achieve success and that success starts in the center of your hand. Overall, I enjoyed viewing both of these blogs and I recommend them to everyone that likes art.

Blog Post #4

Langwitches Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting by Silivia Rosenthal Tolisano.
Viewing this blog was a great experience; shockingly, I never would have thought that it took seventy times or more to learn a new vocabulary word. I think that anyone trying to learn a new word or language needs to practice to become perfect because there are also several different meanings and ways to use words in sentences. While reading this blog I learned ways how to successfully obtain the meaning of words and that a person seeking to learn a new language needs to become comfortable with pronouncing the word. Also, I learned that recording podcasts are an important learning tool that gives practice through hearing your own voice, reading sounds and understanding sentences. Editing is another important tool that the author pointed out because you can delete sounds that you don’t want, emphasize sounds to give special importance and rearrange sounds into the order of choice. I would have to say that I agree with all of the points that the author stated because I was formally in a church choir that used editing and rearranging when we recorded songs. The tools helped the choir in several ways to get better after each recording until we thought it was perfect. In the recording, the kids sound like they are really enjoying themselves through their emotions while they were telling the story of Purim.
Langwitches - Flat Stanley Podcast by Silivia Rosenthal Tolisano.
The Flat Stanley podcast contained a short blog post followed with a podcast created by first grade class in Jacksonville, Florida. After the class read Flat Stanley, they thought critically and decided that they wanted to send themselves off in the mail. The blog post consisted of an assignment for the students that included them to interact with their parents by creating a short recording of a trip to a location of their choice. The students had to include specific information about their location, which included the location, how they got to the location, what they did there, and how they got back home. I think this was a great idea that the class came up with because it taught me to use specific details about everything that is going on a podcast. While listening to the podcast, I was shocked how the first graders spoke clearly with great expressions in their voices and how good they organized their speeches without mistakes in the recording. From the podcast, I learned to use sounds to help describe examples and background music that will enhance my podcast to get my points across.
The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classrooms by Joe Dale.
The video “Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom” is very helpful in describing ways that podcast benefit students in modern classrooms. I was quite surprised with the statistics given in the video about the current generation of learners has sent 250,000 instant messengers, watched television for more than 20,000 hours, spent more than 10,000 hours playing video games and talking on the phone. I believe that the reason these numbers are so high is due to increasing advancement of technology; on the other hand, if we were not advancing in technology so quickly I think there would be more kids enjoying the outdoors. The greatest thing about podcasts in the classroom to me is the ability for a student to be able to interact within the class even if they have situations that lead them to miss class. I highly agree that students enjoy podcasts better than the traditional way of class because it gives the student a visual of the criteria. Overall, within this video I learned that podcasts help promote creativity, good discussions, differentiations, and more in depth learning experiences. Also, I learned a new term millenials, which is anyone born after the invention of computers. I believe that podcasts will soon take over every classroom around the world; therefore, there wouldn’t be any excuses for students because with modern technology podcasts can be accessed almost everywhere and parents can also view the information.

Project#5 Presentation

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blog Post Assignment #3

What is Peer Editing?
I think that this video on peer editing is very helpful for students at any level of writing. This video taught me the three steps needed to be a successful peer editor, which were compliments that tell your peer what went well, suggestions that help their paper become better, and corrections in grammar. I believe that if a peer editor follows these three steps that are pointed out in this video that they will be great assistance in helping their peer successfully write better. One point that I disagreed with was that peer editing is to be done with someone your own age because I feel that there are some mistakes that someone your own age might miss and that someone older or younger than you might be able to point out.
Peer Edit with Perfection and Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes
The Peer Edit with Perfection Tutorial slideshow was a great presentation that also pointed out the three steps of peer editing. I think students in grade school should practice the information on this slideshow before their first writing assignment is completed to inform them that peer editing is the best way to learn from mistakes in writing. The video Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes was a really funny video that I really enjoyed watching the young kids on their present different personalities that students have on peer editing. The Whatever William section of the video was the one that I think that most students develop because most students think that the only person that should correct them is teachers or older people with more intelligence. I think that the slide show and videos should be mandatory for any students taking a course in school that deals with writing.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Post Assignment 2

Did You Know? 3.0 - A John Strange 2012 Version.
This video by Dr. Strange gave me numerous facts, theories, and predictions about how technology has increased worldwide. I was shocked to find out that twenty-five percent of India's population with the highest IQ test scores is greater than the entire population with high IQ's in the United States. That is pretty insane if you look at the difference of size between the two countries; however, the United States is almost three times the size of India. Surprisingly, India has a population of about 1.3 billion that triples the United States population of about 3.8 million. I don't think that people from India are that much intelligent than Americans; although, I do believe that one day in the future there will be more people in China using the English language than the population of the United States because most people in China will eventually relocate to the United States due to crowded living conditions in China, high cost of living, and better educational opportunities.
Technology, I would have to agree has been advancing relentlessly since the invention of computers and the worldwide web. Almost everyone that I know has some source that can connect them to the Internet and I would have to say only a few do not have computers. This video shared information to me about how popular YouTube and Google are daily. Those facts were not surprising because there are thousands of devices today from cell phones to game consoles that can connect us to the Internet. As lazy human beings we use technology for the smallest situations; for example, someone is looking to contact a business we would easily type it in the Google search engine and within seconds we have the number. Traditionally, a person would acquire the business contact information in a phone book. I think the reason that more children in the United States have cell phones can be related to recent school violence; therefore, for safety concerns cell phones have became a necessity. Overall this was a very interesting video that taught me numerous ways how technology is taking over everyday life and how it will always be advancing.
Mr. Winkle Wakes.
The short video about Mr. Winkle Wakes created by Matthew Needleman was about Mr. Winkle Wakes waking up from a hundred years of sleep and witnessing many technological advances. I can only imagine the difficulty that he had to experience within the city because a hundred years ago buildings were made differently; for example, he was probably really shocked to see skyscrapers made of glass. However, Mr. Winkles did not just see technological advances I am sure he also looked at the people in the city very different because of their clothing and actions. Mr. Winkle Wakes feared computers but not knowing how to operate a computer in the 21st century could be a disaster since computers basically run the world. Mr. Winkle Wakes thought that school was still the same, which I disagree with because a hundred years ago instructors had to figure a students grade manually. Some Students in Baldwin county Public Schools are using computers to do their school work and their instructors has access to all work completed and sites they visited while using the computers.
Another important aspect in the advancing of school technology is that I think would have really terrified him was the invention of intercoms that are used to alert the whole school and also fire alarms. At many colleges for specific courses, students don't even have to leave there home to get an education they can take the course online. In this video Mr. Winkle Wakes eventually ends up in the hospital because he could not handle the stress that was going through his head about how everything around him that has changed. I agree that hospital technology has always been advancing every time I go to the hospital I learn about a new machine. In the future, I think technology will eventually take the place of teachers, doctors, and transportation to cut back on the cost to pay them for their services.
Sir Ken Robinson:The Importance of Creativity..
This video by Ken Robinson was very convincing to me that creativity is the key to success and that creativity should not be pushed away in our school systems. I agree that education is a major accomplishment in life; therefore, I think that many people will take it personal if you ask them about their education and they do not have any further than a high school diploma. I also believe that if public schools let students focus on what they are talented at that we would have more successful people in our country. Ken Robinson pointed out that today students are earning degrees and not being able to find jobs; however, I disagree because I think that jobs are given to people based on their work effort and organization. I think that the reason that more students will be graduating with education degrees is because they feel that there will always be a demand for education.
Ken Robinson stated that women are better multi tasked than men, I disagree I think that it could go both ways I personally know women that would have a stress attack if they had to accomplish more than one thing at once. I agree with Ken Robinson when he stated that creativity is as important as literacy because creativity in human beings determine a talent that a person should focus on in their life. I believe that if people do not make mistakes that they would never try to learn and make themselves better in life. Overall, I think this was a great learning experience for me and that everyone should watch this video it could help him or her organize his or her future.
A Day Made of Glass 2.
This video by Corning's made me look at technology in ways that I never thought I could imagine. I was amazed to see a tablet made of glass optical fiber that could operate the whole room when the alarm goes off and turn the glass optical fiber walls of the room into a scene of the morning coming in. I think this will eventually be essential in emergency situations at schools, business, and homes to bring a visual alert for younger kids and people with hearing disabilities. This could also be a sign of humans taking technology to far; for instance, the little girl does not have to responsibility of picking out her own clothes. This advance in technology would make every aspect of life easier in numerous ways. I also believe that the cost of living would diminish because people would have rooftops that could provide energy from the optical fiber glass but I think that’s a great idea.
It was highly interesting to the way the glass optical fiber technology could be used in classrooms, I think it would really enhance the learning for students by letting them get a close up of everything the teacher is teaching them through their optical fiber glass tablets. This would really assist students in Universities that contain big classes. At the hospital the doctor could gain knowledge on a rare situation by having a conference face to face through the fiber optical glass walls, I think this also would diminish the demand for doctors and nurses. With the optical fiber glass a football coach could prepare his team by bring the opponents plays to life through the optical fiber wall. I believe this advance in technology would be very helpful but would take a lot of activity out of humans day which could lead to many health problems due to lack of being active.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blog Post Assignment 1

About Giorgio Lymon.
I’m Giorgio Lymon an all around athlete since I was four years old. I was born and raised in Foley, Al that is about five miles from the coast of the Gulf. I graduated from Foley High School where I was a member of the varsity football team since my freshman year. After graduation I took a semester off to make up my mind with what I wanted to do in life; surprisingly, I didn’t receive a scholarship in football; however, after the semester past I attended Faulkner State Community College in Gulf Shores, Al. My grades after the semester were astonishing, I had a 4.0 which gave me confidence that led me to transfer to school in Auburn, Al to pursue a degree in Strength and Conditioning. Auburn was very satisfying to me but the expenses after the first year became overwhelming due to me losing a job as a server at seafood restaurant. Having a job and going to school was a must for me in Auburn because I’m an independent student that takes responsibility for all my expenses. Therefore, I moved back home to Foley, Al to attend the University of South Alabama and to save lots of money. On top of that previous reason, I tried to get accepted right after graduating high school but didn’t have the grades to attend South Alabama at the time, so now my grades are good and I got accepted. I guess you can say I chose USA to chase my dreams that I know can be accomplished which is walking on the football team and quickly work my way up the rankings as a starting defensive back. Also, a former graduated assistant that worked with the offensive skill coach in 2009 really convinced me that he knew I could live up to my dreams at USA.
The only thing that interest me the most is being under the lights in a big time sporting event and training vigorously to get better each day. The past generations in my family always had several great athletes that gained the spotlight in high school but just couldn’t get there minds set to overcome the challenges in the classroom. I have a really humongous family, my grandparents had a total of nine children; so, I’m some how kin to almost everyone in Foley, Atmore, Mobile, and Monroeville, Al. In my immediate family there’s my mother that works for the Baldwin County Board of Education where she teaches at Orange Beach Elementary, an older brother that is twenty-four years old that is a supervisor of Vulcan Signs, and a younger sister that is fifteen years old that is currently a cheerleader for Foley High School. The main reason that I’m pursuing a degree in Strength and Conditioning is because it has always been something that I think God has put me on the Earth to do; although, making a difference in young people’s life and leading them into the right direction is highly important too. After graduating from college, I want to get a strength-coaching job for a major university in the SEC and eventually assist my college athletes to become national caliber athletes. The things in the past that I’ve done best have always been in sports but now that I’m older I found out several other things that I achieve success in that includes preparing myself for tests, being on time, and doing everything to the best of my ability. I’m the student that high school teacher’s doubted and thought I wouldn’t become anything so now I use that as motivation. I admire learning new information daily, playing football, and training younger kids at my local recreation center.
Dr. Pausch video.
The video on Time Management taught me several things that I knew but different ways to accomplish goals and everyday things to do. Dr. Pausch pointed out that college students needed to set plans in order to avoid running out of time and being late on tasks that are to be done on that day. One thing that he also highlighted in his speech was that Americans are horrible with managing time but good at managing money, this taught me that time is more valuable than money. I think the better you manage your time the more time you have to make more money. I also learned that doing the toughest thing on your to do list will make your other tasks go by smoother and that knocking out the big ugly assignments first will relieve stress later.
Dr. Pausch has his own day dedicated to him in Pittsburg and he is a legend that has assisted numerous career seeking individuals into a successful way of looking at life.