Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post 12

Active Kids

1.       Read "Fun Fall Activities to Stay Moving".
While you’re reading this blog post think about ways that you can get your kids out and be active. Identify and summarize five unique ways that you could use with your students.. Also, include a summary of the examples and your reactions to what the Spark blog stated. This is an excellent post on how to prevent childhood obesity, therefore; be creative with way and remember you want your students to enjoy exercising so think critical come up with some good examples.  

This was a very interesting post that gave me many ideas of how to get my students active in their free time.  The first example in the post informed me how I could take my students out for a nature walk or just let them be out doors to play around. I think that this is a very good idea; however, to make a nature walk a little more adventurous I would incorporate a game that involves them to identify the different types of trees or nature. The next example stated was to get outdoors and rake some leaves. This section informed me that there are numerous ways that you can work your upper body. When I heard this statement my thoughts ran crazy, if my administrator would allow it I would have a rock climbing wall and a rope in my room. The next section was about going out and having fun by throwing football or holding a football. Also, the post stated that you can pretend that you are a football player running bleachers. This was a great example of cardio that I could have my students do but the age of the class I would have to incorporate a different plan. For younger students, I would have them play freeze tag. The student that gets tag would have to inform the others on the major body parts of the human body. The blog I thought was very creative; it insisted that instead of going out to the supermarket that you could work your abs, gluts, and quads by going to a farm to pick pumpkins. For this example, I would have to have a shuttle run for my students or set up stations that consisted of my students using their major muscles to accomplish. The last section informed me ways that I can have my kids stretch and relax their minds. I believe that stretching is really important; therefore, I would have my students stretch at the beginning of class and after they perform all physical activity for that day. I would apply concentration and motivation music to relax my students while they are in class. This was a great post for anyone to read that wants to live a healthy life and fight heart disease.

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  1. Giorgio,
    I think your post was great and very exciting to read. I love the activities that you plan on incorporating in your class. I love the idea of using freeze tag for your age group. I did not find many errors in your post but the ones I did find are sample mistakes. In your post you forgot a word or two but like I said sample mistakes, which is easily correctable. Make sure that you also be careful not to forget your commas. Great job on your post! Great job on your link and picture!