Saturday, November 10, 2012

C4K Summary for October

Reilly - Flying on Wheels
The first kid’s blog post of October that I viewed was a fourth grader named Reilly. In this post, Reilly entertains his guest with a very suspenseful story, "Flying on Wheels. Throughout the post, you can tell that Reilly is going to be an awesome writer because he already fills his reader’s great details. The way this kid told the story, gave me several illustrations while reading and the use of descriptive words made scenes perfect in my mind.

Carolyn - Media Manipulation
The second blog post that I checked out was a OSG’s Global Issues blog titled "Media Manipulation" posted by a girl named Carolyn. This was a very creative post that changed the way I will ever look at news in the future. From reading this post, I have learned that there are many news topics that the public does not get informed about because media feels that there are not important. Also, Carolyn shared many statistics that she cited that came from really reliable sources.

Hannah - You Cant Expect It
Another blog post that I was assigned to was a fifth grade student named Hannah. While looking through her blog, I found that her most recent post was titled “You cant expect it…”. This was a very good poem that demonstrated a very creative thinking and writing style, especially for a student at the fifth grade level. After reading the poem, I could sense that Hannah puts a lot of hard work and dedication in the poem. If you read this poem you will be very shocked like I was when you find out the ending.

Marshall - Draco Lizards
The last blog post that I was assigned to was a student in Miss Mac’s class named Marshall. When I first looked at his blog, I noticed that Marshall and I have one thing in common. I found out that this kid loves reptiles. Marshall’s interesting post was about Draco lizards and he informed me on a unique trait that makes this lizard different from others. He taught me that Draco lizards are different because they have the ability to glide through the air. I know some of you reading this are thinking to yourselves, “ a flying lizard sounds like a horrifying miniature dragon”. Also, I informed Marshall that I recently loss my pet which was a Chinese water dragon that I had for six years and I told him that lizards are great pets that are easy to take care of.

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