Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K Summary November and December

The first student’s blog that I viewed in the month of November was a girl named Mackenzie from Mr. Boylens Language Arts class. Mackenzie surprised me with a very interested story which she expressed excellent details to describe the situations throughout the story. Her writing style amazed me for someone that is a fifth grader. I explain to Mackenzie that she has great writing skills and that she has potential to be anything that she wants to be. Also, I informed her of the success that I have had in writing during the Alabama Writing Assessment when I was in fifth grade.

 The next student’s blog that I viewed in November was ninth grader named Justin. Justin uses blogger in his World History Class. Justin enlightened me with a post concerning Veterans Day. In his post, he informed his readers about numerous statistics and important dates that took place during WWI and WWII. I expressed to Justin how I loved History class and that if I were not so into sports that I would definitely be going to college to obtain a History major. At the end of his post, he stresses that his Uncle Tom served our county in the Vietnam War and how his uncle is still suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Therefore, I told Justin, that I am thankful for his Uncle fighting for our country. Also, I informed him that I have several family members that fought in the Gulf War and the war in Iraq.

 The last student’s blog that I viewed in November was Selena Hadley from Baldwin County High School. Selena’s video showed me how Baldwin County schools are using technology through video applications. I informed Selena that I went to school in Baldwin County at Foley High School in 2009 and that I was really impressed how quick the school system has made the changes. Also, I informed her that I am taking EDM310 at the University of South Alabama where we learn how to use advance technology throughout our projects and assignments.

 For the month of December, I viewed a student named Bethany from blog post. Bethany had a magnificent blog post about the Industrial Revolution. She gave me examples of some important things that were created during this time period. Bethany stressed throughout her work that times were hard for everyone during that time period and that people lived in harsh conditions. She informed me that the Industrial Revolution changed the way Americans worked, lived their daily lives, and that the revolution also made it possible for mass production. While reading this post, I thought of some of the things that I knew were created during the Industrial Revolution and I informed Bethany in my comment that Thomas Edison created the light bulb during the this same time period.

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  1. Fantastic! I can tell that you really enjoyed your assigned students for C4K!